FS-960 Windscreen Blade Replacement

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The FS-960 frameless windshield wiper adopts a symmetrical spoiler, which conforms to the beautiful design, and has won unanimous praise from many consumers. The symmetrical design makes it suitable not only for left-hand driving, but also for right-hand driving. Another reason why it is popular with consumers is that the blade strip uses a specially designed natural rubber filler with a width of 7mm, which brings you a quiet driving environment, a very clear vision and a long use time. If the car is full of noisy and twittering sounds, it will be very boring and uncomfortable. Generally speaking, if the wiper blade cannot bring you a quiet driving environment, it is difficult to bring you a clear vision.

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soft wiper blade/ beam wiper blade

- special curved spring steel 100% fits windscreen which provides stable wiping performance and minimized equipment depreciation.

- beam blade special spoiler design provides smoothy water repelling and protect rubber blade from extream climate and road debris damage, secured driving environment, increases driving security.

- GYT rubber enhanced Youen wiper blade up to 50% longer life time than other products in the market, premium material technology allows Youen wiper well performanced against extreme climate condition.

- Original equipment designed connecter bring clients easy and fast replacement of Youen windshield wiper.

End cap material POM Rubber protector material POM
Spoiler material ABS Inner connector material Zinc-Alloy inner connector
Spring steel material Double spring steel Rubber refill material 7 mm special rubber blade
Adaptors 15 adapters Adaptor material POM
Life span 6-12 months Blade type 7mm
Spring type Double spring steel Item No FS-960
Structure frame design Certificates ISO9001/GB/T19001
Size 12”-28” Customized Logo Acceptable
Wiper arm application Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Suzuki, Toyota

Generally, we also call universal windshield wiper blades as U-shaped windshield wipers or J-shaped wiper blades. Some of our customers also call them U-hook wipers/J-hook wipers or hook-mounted windshield wipers.

The cover attached to the wiper arm looks very strong, and it is really strong, never break, never fly away. Every year, many traffic accidents happen on rainy days. There are many reasons for rain in the rain, but most of them are caused by tires and wipers. On rainy days, preventing tires from moving forward is even more different. The only way to reduce tire accidents is to drive slower and replace with new tires with clear texture. However, it would be a shame if the accident was caused by the windshield wiper not having a clear view. You did not choose a better wiper blade to avoid accidents. This is not responsible for your own life, nor is it responsible for others.

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