Factory introduction

Friendship wiper blade manufacture is not a ordinary aftermarket auto parts company, Friendship company is one the few companies which specialized in only wiper blade product, which including metal frame wiper, soft wiper, rear wiper, hybrid wiper, swap adapters wiper blade and multi fits wiper blade.

We offer the universal adapter, create a strong attachment to the wiper arm that anyone can install in few minute. YOUEN adapter provide uniform wiping stability across the entire length of the blade to reduce blur for optimal clarity

We also bring to our clients highly developed performance spoilers. These spoilers were created using water repelling and light absorbing technology, which reduced glare from reflect light for increase visibility. Repel water droplets and minimizes ice buildup for extreme weathers safety

We offer the first quality wiper blade which the products quality are the same as sample quality

Our frameless wiper blade are designed with both end caps and no end caps for satisfying different clients need.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us at Friendship company. We would replace all unsatisfied product with no extra charge. We want to provide our customers with very best wiper experience!