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Friendship wiper blade company is a professional wiper blade manufacturer since 2001 who owned brand name Youen. we provides premium quality car windscreen wiper blade to people over the world.

Our wiper blade has Strength of riveted hinge

Super thick and strong steel structure, better strength

The pre-installed universal adapter can be directly installed on most wiper arms

Designed to provide trouble-free, consistent performance

Suitable for your vehicle and lifestyle

Made of high-quality materials, durable

Manufactured to meet or exceed strict quality requirements


Youen wiper provides high-quality products here at very competitive prices. The company does its best to provide the best solution for your needs. All Youen's products are carefully crafted by experts and created by professionals to meet all your requirements. This company does not accept compromises on quality issues, so you can be sure that all products have only top quality. With years of manufacturing experience, Youen is a brand you can trust.










Rubber Test

Rubber Test

Our History

Ruian Friendship wiper blade company was established in 2001. from a small group became a hundred employees company. For the last 20 years, Friendship company provided hundred million of driver a safe and clear driving condition with our premium glass treatment technology, wiper blade strenth and longlife rubbers.

Ruian Friendship Automobile wiper blade Company is the exclusive license holder of Mark Youen wiper blades. The company's vision and development goal is to fill the gaps in the automotive aftermarket. Our focus is to build a unique brand for our customers around an excellent core product. Our marketing approach reflects the unique performance advantages of our full range of aerodynamic frameless blades. Youen wiper blades are superior to OEM equipment, providing our distributors and customers with a real sales advantage.

The humble start of wiper blades

Jianbo Han is the president and creator of Youen wiper blades. He is destined to enter the automotive aftermarket. Jianbo learned about the wiper blade industry through years of working experience in this field and studying the success and failure of other manufacturers.Jianbo soon realized that they were a huge gap in the wiper blade industry, and he was determined to fill it.

Jianbo created Youen wiper blades out of passion to create the best windshield wiper blades ever. He wanted a product that was safe, easy to use, durable, and affordable. Jianbo wanted a wiper blade that could fit almost any vehicle on the road and would be easy for anyone to install. He achieved this goal with a universal adapter.

Finally, the element of the birth of the wiper blade was born. This knife is carefully crafted from head to toe. The universal adapter, riveted spoiler, frameless design, and nature rubber blend make this blade stand out from the others. Lance is now determined to bring this product to every service garage and home in the China.