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  • Electric car is the new trend in Global market?

    Electric car is the new trend in Global market?

    Source: Beijing Business Daily The new energy vehicle market is booming. On August 19, the Ministry of Commerce held a regular press conference. Gao Feng, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce, said that as China’s economy continues to recover steadily, residents’ consumption co...
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  • The wiper blade is durable and trusted by storm chasers

    Our highest rated wiper blade replacement is the job that trusted storm chasers get done in any weather conditions. Our wiper blades are for car after-sales car enthusiasts who want to get the best performance from their windshield wipers. Some of our unique features include: The perfect material...
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  • What do you think of our wiper blades?

    Sturdy-sturdy design, it is obvious to open the blade from the box. The strong spine and tight rubber fit make the blade “super durable”. The author of this article claims, “After more than a year of use, it still works like new”. Packaging-Youen’s packaging design u...
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  • Anatomy of windshield wiper blade

    Things like “exclusive two-point coupler” and “chamfered edge end caps” sound good, but what do they really mean? More importantly, why should you care? The difference between wiper blades can be limited, but even a slight modification can make all the difference in qualit...
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