What do you think of our wiper blades?

Sturdy-sturdy design, it is obvious to open the blade from the box. The strong spine and tight rubber fit make the blade “super durable”. The author of this article claims, “After more than a year of use, it still works like new”.

Packaging-Youen’s packaging design uses curved boxes, blister, paper box, and open containers to provide a unique and elegant appearance. They also noticed that our green rubber protection provides a double layer of protection for the blades during transportation and storage.

Installation Instructions-They like the packaging instructions on the back of each box. They also mentioned our “installation instructions” on the website, which will further help your installation needs.

The spine of the blade looks very strong, really strong, never break, never fly away. Every year, many traffic accidents happen on rainy days. There are many reasons for rain in the rain, but most of them are caused by tires and wipers. On rainy days, preventing the tires from moving forward is even more different. The only way to reduce tire accidents is to drive slowly and replace with new, clear-textured tires. However, it would be a shame if the accident was caused by the windshield wiper not having a clear view. You did not choose a better wiper blade to avoid accidents. This is neither responsible for one’s own life, nor for others.

We notice every criticism and suggestion of our products. We will definitely redesign the packaging to illustrate that our next blade will be launched in the fall. Our blades are designed for high performance driving or harsh environments. Our next design will be equipped with a new rubber mix, which will eliminate any chance of squeaking when it rains.

Post time: Jul-26-2021