The wiper blade is durable and trusted by storm chasers

Our highest rated wiper blade replacement is the job that trusted storm chasers get done in any weather conditions. Our wiper blades are for car after-sales car enthusiasts who want to get the best performance from their windshield wipers. Some of our unique features include:

The perfect material for all-weather performance-a special synthetic rubber compound that can resist heat, cold, mildew, mildew, ultraviolet rays, chemical substances, and extends the service life of traditional rubber by 60%.

Wind tunnel optimized performance spoiler-The spoiler is built on the wiper blade that both protects and improves performance. Our spoiler uses the natural wind current of the vehicle to grab the wiper blade and lean it against the windshield to achieve smooth, quiet and clean wiping.

Frameless (beam type) infused rubber-in order to gain the trust of storm chasers, our blades must be very durable. We cannot rely on any clamps or end caps to hold the blades together. We inject our synthetic pro-rubber directly into the smooth thin blade to eliminate any chance of rubber peaks or breaks.

Patented universal adapter (applicable to 97% of all vehicles)-we want customers to buy our blades cheaply and conveniently. Our blades are shipped directly to your door quickly and free of charge. Our universal adapter makes it easy to install the blade. Please follow the instructions on the back of our package or click here to watch the installation video.

If you have any questions about our after-sale wiper blades, please click here and send us a message directly.

Post time: Jul-26-2021