Anatomy of windshield wiper blade

Things like “exclusive two-point coupler” and “chamfered edge end caps” sound good, but what do they really mean? More importantly, why should you care? The difference between wiper blades can be limited, but even a slight modification can make all the difference in quality and performance. We hope to elaborate and help explain the differences in wiper blades and the different advancements in wiper blade technology.

Durable steel structure-this one sells itself. Reliable and durable steel structure design, can work in various weather conditions

Memory Spring Steel—The windshield is not always curved. Older, flatter windshield means flatter windshield wipers and modern, curved windshield means curved windshield wipers. Wiper manufacturers can separate themselves from other industries. They have successfully designed a high-quality wiper with a curve that fits modern windshields and does this while maximizing performance . Beam blades are good at this performance. The memory curve steel is unique to TRICO and provides uniform pressure and the best performance of the entire wiper blade.

Exclusive dual-point coupler-maximize the coverage of the windshield, adding another connector for the wiper blade. Place two couplers at the end of the wiper instead of having a coupler in the middle of the blade. This helps eliminate streaks and increases consistent pressure over the life of the wiper blade.

Chamfered edge end cap-helps protect the wiper blade from any damage caused by the ice scraper. The design edge of the wiper blade with chamfered or beveled end caps is not perpendicular to the rest of the wiper blade. It is important to note that this benefit is not limited to winter wiper blades. Any all-weather sword has an end cap!

Youen easy connection technology-this technology is unique to YOUEN. It’s no secret that easy-to-install wiper blades are everyone’s first choice. The next question is, how to make the installation of the wiper blade easier? You can design the adapter that comes with the wiper blade so that the wiper blade can be inserted and removed easily. Adapters that do not use this technology make the installation process much more difficult than necessary.

Pre-connected adapter-what is easier than a wiper blade with an adapter that can be quickly accessed? Only one adapter is connected to the wiper blade! No guesswork, no fuss, just a wiper blade is connected to the adapter, which is specific to your vehicle.

Hope this explanation of different functions and advantages can help us understand the uniqueness of wiper blades. In order to better understand wiper blades, you may encounter different types of wiper blades. The difference between traditional blades and beam blades is a question we are often asked, so a quick glance at this blog may also help you. Thank you for reading, if you want to buy TRICO wiper blades with these unique features and advantages, please click the button below to find them!

Post time: Jul-26-2021