FS-925 Car Windshield Wipers

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As a high-end wiper blade, FS-925 has been selling well in recent years and has been well received by many end users. It is not only suitable for cars driven by the left rudder, but also for cars driven by the right rudder. For many car manufacturers, the wiper is shown in the figure below. The two wipers are not in the same direction, but in opposite directions. If the windshield wipers you sell are not suitable for both right-hand drive and left-hand drive models, your windshield wipers will not be suitable for this type of vehicle. Some cars produced by Honda, Peugeot, and Ford belong to this type of wiper blade. Please check whether your wiper has a function suitable for driving left and right vehicles.

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soft wiper blade/ beam wiper blade

- special curved spring steel 100% fits windscreen which provides stable wiping performance and minimized equipment depreciation.

- beam blade special spoiler design provides smoothy water repelling and protect rubber blade from extream climate and road debris damage, secured driving environment, increases driving security.

- GYT rubber enhanced Youen wiper blade up to 50% longer life time than other products in the market, premium material technology allows Youen wiper well performanced against extreme climate condition.

- Original equipment designed connecter bring clients easy and fast replacement of Youen windshield wiper.

End cap material POM Rubber protector material POM
Spoiler material ABS Inner connector material Zinc-Alloy inner connector
Spring steel material Double spring steel Rubber refill material 7 mm special rubber blade
Adaptors 15 adapters Adaptor material POM
Life span 6-12 months Blade type 7mm
Spring type Double spring steel Item No FS-925
Structure frameless design Certificates ISO9001/GB/T19001
Size 12”-28” Customized Logo Acceptable
Wiper arm application Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Suzuki, Toyota

Aerodynamic windshield wipers are also called frameless windshield wipers, boneless windshield wipers or flat windshield wipers. Its name comes from its exterior design. The aerodynamic design is to reduce wind lift and reduce the pressure on the windshield when the vehicle is driving at high speed. This is one of the reasons why more and more people choose aerodynamic wipers instead of metal frame wipers. A large number of experiments have proved that under the same rubber strip material, the performance of the boneless wiper is better than that of the traditional iron wiper. The performance of the pneumatic wiper is cleaner and the wind resistance to the wiper motor is smaller, which is beneficial to extend the use of the wiper motor. life.

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